What a fantastic and memorable year it has been! 

Although we regret that we were not able to be together in person for our last two months of the year, we are very proud of our Findley family of teachers, staff, parents, and students, who all worked together for a sucessful TeleSchool experience. 

We would like to thank PTA parents, staff, and community members for their financial contributions, talents, enthusiasm, time, and energy throughout the year. Together, we have truly enhanced our students' experience.

Have a wonderful and safe summer! Best wishes to our fifth graders! 

School supplies for next year are available for purchase online, now through 6/5.  Findley Oaks PTA is offering you the opportunity to purchase your school supplies for next year in one convenient kit. 

Teacher Tailored offers all your school supplies for next year in one box. Our teachers put together their lists, we gave them to Teacher Tailored, and you order the supplies online.  It’s that simple.

Skip the store and get convenient, affordable school supplies!  Order, relax, and enjoy!

To order, go to www.shopttkits.com and enter 32086 for the account number.

Orders will be shipped to your home address.

The yearbook publishing was delayed due to Covid-19. The plant that produces the yearbook  just re-opened on May 18th. Yearbooks will not be distributed until the start of the new school year. 

Our initial plan is to pass out yearbooks and sell any extras during Sneak Peek.  A possible alternative, if needed, would be to distribute them with a pick-up procedure at school.  Current fifth graders will either have a Yearbook Signing party (if allowed), or yearbooks will be delivered to their homes. 

Thank you to our Nominating Committee, who has done a fantastic job of identifying volunteers to serve in PTA positions for the 2020-2021 school  year! 

Most of the leadership positions have been filled, but the we are still in need of volunteers for the following important roles.

Executive  Committee positions:

  • Parliamentarian
  • VP Community Relations & Engagement

Chair Positions:

  • Science Force Chair, and Sub-chairs for Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades
  • Business Partners
  • Spirit Nights

If interested in any of these positions, or for more information, please contact Tiffany Poke at tiffany.dawn.poke@gmail.com or Shanti McNeil at smcneil0401@gmail.com.