Earn Money by Collecting BOX TOPS!
Box Tops is back with an even greater selection for organic and all-natural products. Check out the attached list to see which participating products you may buy. This year's Box Top collection for Findley Oaks Elementary begins September 12, 2019.  
The Box Tops for Education program is changing the way we can earn cash for our school. Over the summer, participating brands have begun to change their packaging from the traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Tops label. Physical Box Top clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store. Please click here for more details on this change.

We will be holding two classroom competitions this year, based on the traditional Box Tops "clips."
  • The first classroom competition runs from September 12 - December 13, 2019. The class with the most Box Tops collected will win a Pizza party in January.  
  • The second classroom competition runs January 7 - April 7, 2019. The class with the most Box Tops collected will win an Ice Cream Social at the end of April. 
Place all box tops collected in a ziploc bag with your child's name, grade and teacher's name, and send them in to school with your child.  
Visit the Box Tops website for more information.
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